Convenient for Clients, Less Stress for Pets

Mobile veterinary clinics provide convenient experiences for clients and reduced stress for pets. Mobility allows us to connect closer with our clients while still providing excellent and compassionate care in the home setting. We are able to eliminate the difficulty of transporting your pets to and from a traditional brick and mortar veterinary clinic, the anxiety of them riding in the car, and then being in unfamiliar surroundings and animals. The risk of contagious disease is also reduced greatly.

Being in your home allows your pet to be relaxed and gives them time to become comfortable with us which makes it easier for us to examine them and reduce the “white coat” fear that so many dogs have in the traditional veterinary clinic. We make vet care accessible for older and immobile pets and clients without transportation.

We are there to help when end of life care is needed and it is performed where your pet is most comfortable, your home. We are extremely convenient for households with multiple pets or clients that have small children when travelling with pets can be more of a challenge. Please give us a call at 256-333-2345 or schedule an appointment so we can show you the difference and you’ll never want to go back to the brick and mortar vet clinics.