Treating your pet with compassion and excellent care during an uncertain and critical time is our goal! We strive to provide a more personalized experience for yourself and your pet during an emergency.

We understand when your pet is having an emergency that it is a very  stressful time and we are here to help!

Once you arrive, we will triage your pet to determine their level of need (similar to that of a human ER) and move you into a room as soon as possible. One of our technicians will come in and gather a history or bring your pet to the treatment area if the situation requires. Once we evaluate you pet, we will come in with an estimate for treatment.

We do require 100% of the estimate as a deposit if your pet becomes hospitalized.

Our facility is only open until midnight but if your pet is critical, we will offer referral to one of the other local emergency clinics for further treatment. You can elect to have your pet hospitalized with us overnight (we do not have anyone in the building from 12 am until 7 am) and will advise if we feel comfortable with your pet remaining unattended.

At 7am, you will be able to transfer your pet to your regular veterinarian for additional treatment (if needed) or you can elect for your pet to remain hospitalized here at Rocket City Veterinary Hospital. The staff at Rocket City Veterinary Hospital would take over your pet’s care the following day (charges for any additional treatment will be paid to Rocket City Veterinary Hospital).